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Transport Your Activism II — This Saturday, Sept 11!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010
Meet at 12:30pm, Peace Park (NE Lloyd Blvd at Eastside of Steel Bridge)

In the context of Portland’s continued dependence on oil for transportation, we’ll bike to a selection of sites where active transportation change is imminent, learn how we got to where we are, and how to advocate for improvements. This ride will feature stops at:

THE ORANGE MAX LINE – What it means, the benefits of building it, the background on how we’ll pay for it, and the specific choices that need to be made on these issues by TriMet and voters. We’ll ride to OMSI and take in the location of the planned carfree Caruthers Bridge, Portland’s first new bridge to be built over the Willamette in 36 years. Presented by Michael Andersen

PGE PARK — Oregonian columnist John Canzano insists that public subsidization of professional baseball is a better use of money than if it were spent on traffic safety engineering to help cyclists and drivers share the road. We’ll ride to PGE Park to review the numbers on who gets what at taxpayer expense and take a look at how local arenas are changing to accommodate fans who are cyclists. Presented by Michael O’Leary

THE 12TH STREET BRIDGE – Improvements are coming to the 12th street bridge, a vital connection for active and vehicular traffic, but who will they most benefit? We’ll look at the current bridge and discuss possible solutions to the current configuration. Presented by Russ Willis

HOLMAN STREET GREENWAY – The planned Holman Street Greenway is a case study in making bikeway improvements a catalyst for further street reclamation. We’ll hear about how the neighborhood came together to support the extension of the 13th Street pocket park to calm traffic and take back a piece of the road for community use. Presented by Gregg Lavender

YOUR STORY – This ride is interactive! Participants are encouraged to share stories and solutions, we want to support you as you work toward important changes in your neighborhood.

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Celebrating Bikeway Builders of NE Cully Cycletrack

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Free Ice Cream for Bikeway Builders

Free Ice Cream for Bikeway BuildersIcicle Tricycles, Active Right of Way and the Bicycle Business League co-sponsored Free Ice Cream for Bikeway Builders on Sept 4.  We wanted to show our appreciation to the people  building our next-generation bicycle network.  We believe this work will benefit many people, and for this we are thankful.

We pedaled out to the NE Cully Cycletrack construction site and delivered our appreciation to the work crew.  Our gratitude to these workers was accompanied with sweet frozen fruit treats on a HOT Friday afternoon.  The treats were gourmet Mexican paletas/popsicles made in Woodburn, OR by Paleteria Paisanito.  We brought many paleta flavors, including: watermelon, limon, coconut, pineapple, rice pudding/horchata, canteloupe, mango, walnut, guava, & two made with Willamette Valley fruit, strawberry & raspberry.  We pedaled the paletas by our Icicle Tricycle.

Free Ice Cream for Bikeway Builders

We Free Ice Cream for Bikeway Buildershad some great conversations with the work crew as they enjoyed their treats.  This is possibly Portland’s most ambitious bikeway project to date, and NE Cully is Portland’s first permanent cycle track.  We were super excited to be able to thank this hard working crew, for making Portland a safer city for all right of way users.

We look forward to delivering free ice cream to work crews building any cycle infrastructure for our future.  While the weather is still warm, please let us know if there are any other crews that could receive some icicle tricycle appreciation.

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