Bringing 82nd Avenue Under Local Authority

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ODOT to PBOT ownership

Josh writes:

One of the often mentioned obstacles to improving 82nd Avenue is that it’s under ODOT jurisdiction. Your attendance at this meeting will help give our public officials the clear message that we want 82nd to be under the City of Portland’s jurisdiction. Getting these public officials talking with each other will start the process moving.

Meeting Announcement: 82nd Avenue Transportation Workshop

Purpose: To learn about the process needed to transfer jurisdiction of 82nd Avenue from ODOT to the City of Portland.

Format: Panel discussion with public officials and state legislators about how to move ahead on this issue. Also, information on ODOT’s currently planned safety projects for 82nd will be available.

Who: Sponsored by the Montavilla Neighborhood Association and the 82nd Avenue Business Association. Panel will include Tom Miller, Portland’s Director of Transportation, State Senator Jackie Dingfelder, and Shelli Romero of ODOT.

When: September 24 at 7:00 PM

Where: Montavilla Methodist Church – 232 SE 80th.

We ask that contacts and participants to the workshop think in advance about and send us a list of three concerns or problems you have with 82nd Avenue; and three questions you have about the transfer issue.  You’re encouraged to leave those questions and concerns in the comments below.

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