New AASHTO bike guide released

Posted by Nick in News on June 19th, 2012 – Comments Off on New AASHTO bike guide released

Last week AASHTO quietly released their update to the 13 year old ‘guide to the development of bike faculties.’ If you have $144 to throw away, you can buy it here.

Streetsblog has an article on the release, and notes it’s lack of acceptance of current practice:

AASHTO says it has incorporated the strategy, popularized by the Portland Bureau of Transportation, to design streets for the 60 percent of people who are interested in biking but concerned about safety. “It’s sanctioned there as methodology,” said Bill Schultheiss of Toole Design Group, which took the lead on writing the new guide. “It’s a big deal.”

Schultheiss says that a cycle track is nothing but a bicycle-only trail, and bicycle-only trails are in there. But unlike cycle tracks, bike trails are not designed to run on streets that also include motor vehicle traffic. Advocates say there’s a big difference — a difference that matters to the “interested but concerned” population. Darren Flusche of the League of American Bicyclists says cities that have made cycling a priority will still go beyond the AASHTO guide and use the bikeway design guide developed by the National Association of City Transportation Officials, which includes on-street, protected bike lanes and other innovative designs. “NACTO has left AASHTO behind.”

NACTO itself identified the lack of protected bikeway designs as a critical oversight in the AASHTO guide.

The NACTO guide will be releasing their update in the coming months, expanding and improving on past guidance, and including a new section dedicated to designing Bicycle Boulevards.

More info soon.

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