ODOT, a Friend of Barbur? Yes!

Posted by Kiel in News on March 17th, 2011 – 2 Comments

Last night ODOT gave a presentation on their new crossing treatment for Barbur. I have to really applaud their leadership on this and the project is very innovative. There are going to be three rapid flash beacons on either side of the crossing. When you press the walk button these lights, located under pedestrian signs, will flash telling cars to wait at the new stop bar. The lights will flash until you are able to walk across the entire street. In addition to the three flashing signs on either side there will also be a warning sign on the approach to the crossing on both sides.


The project is set to cost $100,000 and is planned to start July 1st. ODOT had to get special permission to use this kind of treatment. ODOT does not usually like trying “new things”, so it is exciting to seem them trying something new here. I hope this will be the first of many improvements on Barbur to slow cars down and make this vital road safe for all users. Please email Ron Kroop and thank him for his leadership on this.

email Ron

a packed room in SW was extremely supportive to the project

Northbound crossing

Northbound approach

southbound approach

Southbound crossing

  1. Steve says:

    How much more would a true stop signal be here? Did ODOT explain why they weren’t pursuing that option instead?

  2. Ted says:

    This type of location is begging for a proper signalized “mid block crossing” or “half signal” It’s fast. It’s windey. There’s lots of lanes. There’s lots of traffic.

    It’s still going to be pretty sketchy to cross there. Sure it’s a big improvement, but still sketchy.

    Hats off to ODOT for putting in something beefy, though. Maybe they’ll do it to that spot out in Beaverton where the bicyclist was killed crossing the street too…

    Just my opinion,

    Ted Buehler

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