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Help Build a Comprehensive Resource on the Case for Investing in Bikes

If you’re into numbers, citations and other fun data related to why investing and encouraging bicycling is the most super-duper thing cities can do, it would be great to have your contribution to this collaborative project!

The Case for Cycling is destined to help inform the City Club of Portland’s research study on bicycling and will also serve as a comprehensive reference to help cities navigate the political and social challenges of building out their bike networks.

Chris Smith writes:

The City Club of Portland recently announced a research study: BICYCLING IN PORTLAND: A SERIOUS LOOK AT TRANSPORTATION POLICY AND PRIORITIES .

Here are the objectives of the study:

  • Make a recommendation on the role bicycling should play in Portland’s transportation system, based on review of existing criteria, available studies, and witness testimony.
  • Based on the committee’s recommendation for the role bicycling should play in Portland’s transportation system, make further recommendations on the goals the city should set for bicycle ridership and the necessary improvements to reach those goals.
  • The committee must identify the level and sources of funding necessary to achieve the identified goals.
  • The committee is encouraged to make recommendations in related areas, including safety, governance, traffic enforcement, economic development, and community outreach.

You can’t lobby a City Club research committee (and I wouldn’t want to – having participated in a couple and chaired one – I respect the process greatly), but you can make sure they have good information, and we’d like to make sure they have lots of it!

“We” in this instance is a cooperative effort of Portland Transport, the Bicycle Transportation AllianceBikePortlandPortland Afoot and AROW.
And we’d like you to help us.

We’ve launched a Wiki site: The Case for Cycling and we’re asking your assistance in populating it with the best arguments, statistics and research making the case for why cycling is good for our city, region and country.

While the motivation for this site is immediate and local, we’d like this to be a high-quality effort that can take on a longer life and be a resource for other communities.

Please check out the site, sign up for an account, and contribute your best arguments and data!

Strong Support for Lloyd District Bikeway Projects

Three tremendously important bikeway projects in the Lloyd District are currently under consideration by the Portland Bureau of Transportation.  We believe this trio of complete-the-streets projects will repair an often dubious neighborhood to navigate via bicycle.

We penned a letter to voice broad support for this project, while also addressing a misconception that these bikeway improvements could be bad for business.  In fact, Portland’s experience has been the opposite: bikeways mean business!  Read the letter for more detail on our reasoning, and review the benefits of investing in bikeways on our fact sheet.

[pdf http://www.activerightofway.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/AROW-on-Lloyd-District-Bikeway-Dev.pdf]

You are encouraged to submit your own letter of support for safety improvements in the Lloyd District to PBOT Project Manager Ellen Vanderslice.