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Metro seeking applicants for Transportation Policy Advisory Committee

Scott writes on Portland Transport:

It’s fall, which means that Metro is seeking citizen applicants to serve on the Transportation Policy Advisory Committee. There are four openings.

According to Metro:

TPAC is an advisory committee that reviews regional plans and federally funded transportation projects across the three-county Portland area. It advises local and regional leaders on transportation spending priorities as well as policies related to transportation, such as efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions and create communities with easy access to public transit. It also recommends needs and opportunities for involving the public in transportation matters.An essential responsibility of TPAC is to advise the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation, JPACT, a panel of elected officials and transportation agency executives that controls federal transportation spending in the Portland area. TPAC also advises the Metro Council, which reviews and must approve all major JPACT actions.

Application materials are available here.

Invest in Bikes: An Important Graph for Advocates

Roger Geller, PBOT Bicycle Coordinator, shared this graph at last year’s Oregon Active Transportation Summit.  A year later it remains a pivotal resource for those who are considering bike funding in our local transportation budget battle.

Regional Metro, ODOT, Trimet + Local Agency Expenditures and New Trips – Active Transportation, Transit and Motor Vehicles

Have you joined Metro’s Opt-In panel yet?

Metro is changing the way it gets feedback from residents of the region with a new Opt-In program that allows you to fill out periodic online surveys about a number of the things Metro does.

A new article on Metro’s website shows that 2,000 people have already signed up, but that the program is lacking in diversity (see: too many white guys).

I’d encourage you to sign up for Opt-In and tell your friends and family to do the same. It’s a very innovative communications model that will allow for broad input from the community about the many things Metro owns, operates and does around here.

Sign up for Opt-In here!