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Bringing 82nd Avenue Under Local Authority

ODOT to PBOT ownership

Josh writes:

One of the often mentioned obstacles to improving 82nd Avenue is that it’s under ODOT jurisdiction. Your attendance at this meeting will help give our public officials the clear message that we want 82nd to be under the City of Portland’s jurisdiction. Getting these public officials talking with each other will start the process moving.

Meeting Announcement: 82nd Avenue Transportation Workshop

Purpose: To learn about the process needed to transfer jurisdiction of 82nd Avenue from ODOT to the City of Portland.

Format: Panel discussion with public officials and state legislators about how to move ahead on this issue. Also, information on ODOT’s currently planned safety projects for 82nd will be available.

Who: Sponsored by the Montavilla Neighborhood Association and the 82nd Avenue Business Association. Panel will include Tom Miller, Portland’s Director of Transportation, State Senator Jackie Dingfelder, and Shelli Romero of ODOT.

When: September 24 at 7:00 PM

Where: Montavilla Methodist Church – 232 SE 80th.

We ask that contacts and participants to the workshop think in advance about and send us a list of three concerns or problems you have with 82nd Avenue; and three questions you have about the transfer issue.  You’re encouraged to leave those questions and concerns in the comments below.

Fixing the intersection at NE Broadway, Flint and Wheeler

We first met Paramount apartments owner and citizen activist Betsy Reese through our work on streetcar bikeway safety. Betsy has been working tirelessly for many years to improve conditions for people on bike and foot in her neighborhood.

Here is a video Betsy’s son Will put together demonstrating the chaotic and confusing conditions on the ground in front of the Paramount apartments.

Thankfully, PBOT has been responsive to calls for improving this intersection immediately, particularly in light of the high rate of bicycle-car collisions at this location.  As Jonathan Maus writes:

PBOT staff reviewed every recorded collision from the DMV and the Police between 2000 and 2010 and there were 20 serious bike/motor-vehicle collisions. 17 of those 20 were right hooks at Wheeler.

The momentum appears headed toward closing NE Wheeler permanently.  This is welcome news to neighborhood activists, some of whom are still dismayed that the city intends to move forward with an I-5 highway-widening project next door.  Stay tuned.

Invest in Bikes: An Important Graph for Advocates

Roger Geller, PBOT Bicycle Coordinator, shared this graph at last year’s Oregon Active Transportation Summit.  A year later it remains a pivotal resource for those who are considering bike funding in our local transportation budget battle.

Regional Metro, ODOT, Trimet + Local Agency Expenditures and New Trips – Active Transportation, Transit and Motor Vehicles

JAN 30: Fight Budget Cuts! Keep your City Maintenance, Recreation and Healthcare Services

We all understand our transportation system is about more than just getting you from A to B. It’s about people. It’s about creating a system that serves everyone’s needs. That means the issues surrounding our local transportation system go beyond a lack of bike lanes and crosswalks.

The latest PBOT Budget proposals will sink our city into billions of dollars in deferred maintenance debt. Street lights will go dark. ADA ramps will not be built. Hard working people will lose their jobs.

This is unacceptable, and I hope you will join Laborers Local 483 in taking a stand against the city’s proposed budget cuts.  Please read their announcement below:


Keep your City Maintenance, Recreation and Healthcare Services!


On Monday, January 30th – join Laborers’ Local 483 members who are walking out at the end of their shifts at the Bureau of Transportation (which is eliminated over 60 positions) and hosting a community forum at Dishman Community Center, where we will discuss the deep cuts projected for Sanitation, Streets, and Parks’ Maintenance services. That day, all Portland City Bureaus will submit their budget recommendations to City Council. Nearby Legacy Emmanuel hospital workers of SEIU Local 49 will also join us to speak about imminent cuts to healthcare facilities across the state. Let’s talk about the consequences of CUTS to our community!

Join us after work at 3 pm for Local 483’s “3 o’clock Walk” & Rally at PBOT (2929 N. Kerby). Then march over with us and the Emanuel workers to Matt Dishman Community Center for a forum on cuts to services starting at 4 pm. Refreshments provided.

Imagine what rainy Portland will look like with your parks’ bathrooms shut, your streets and sewers full of debris, your children left with fewer indoor recreational centers to go, and your hospitals with even less staff to provide assistance to the sick and their visitors. The workers who keep Portland clean, moving, safe, and healthy need your support to PROTECT PORTLAND’S FUTURE! If you are interested in speaking at the community forum or any other time about how important these services are to your neighborhood, please feel free to call me at 971-322-8747 or erica@liuna483.org. Thank you!!!

In solidarity,
Erica B. Askin, organizer, Laborers’ Local 483

3:00pm: “3 o’clock Walk” and Rally at PBOT (2929 N. Kerby)

3:45pm: Refreshments at Dishman Community Center (77 NE Knot St.)

4:00pm: Forum on cutbacks and layoffs with impacted City maintenance and Legacy hospital workers.

Who is Laborers’ Local 483? 


Open House in Hillsdale on controversial Sunset Boulevard Ped and Bike facilities, Jan 31

As part of PBOT’s Sidewalk Infill on Arterials program, the city is looking at adding  two blocks of sidewalk on SW Sunset Blvd. This leads north from the Hillsdale LIbrary, from Dewitt St. to 18th Drive.  This section was chosen by the neighborhood as a priority for sidewalks. Noting the Bike Plan designation, staff incorporated a Climbing Bike Lane, and presented this proposal to the neighbors in October.

Here are the two boards showing the initial designs, for the uphill (“Northeast side”) sidewalk and bike facility.  Board 2, shows the other three alternatives, with a plan of how they’d relate to each cross-section, and address topographic and large tree issues, and parking demand issues:






The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association supports this sidewalk (and bike facility project), but staff has gotten a lot of push-back from the few property owners whose property this project would run in front of.  Specifically, the northernmost block includes a giant hedge, that runs clear out to the travel lane, blocking pedestrian and bike travel, and making all modes of travel dangerous by blocking sight lines at the 18th/Sunset intersection.  A couple of property owners have recently built brick and stone walls out into the right of way as well, plus a row of young trees encroaches in the ROW.

These neighbors have been quite vocal, and contacted the Mayor’s office as well.  Staff is now looking at feasibility of installing the sidewalk on the downhill (“southwest”)  side instead.  This may mean the demise of the bike lane component.  The “southwest” side also has property-owner-installed landscaping that would have to be removed.  At least one neighbor is circulating a 10-point manifesto that prioritizes “neighborhood character” over pedestrian safety, and specifically calls out bike lanes for lowest priority.

There is a public “Community Meeting” to discuss the options, on January 31st, at 6-8 PM, at Hillsdale LIbrary, 1525 SW Sunset Blvd.  All members of the public are invited to come and have input into the design. The Library is one block north of Capitol Highway in Hillsdale, and there are numerous buses that stop on Capitol Highway at Sunset.  The entire Sidewalk Infill Project has a webpage at:  http://www.portlandonline.com/transportation/index.cfm?c=51098, or contact April Bertelsen, Portland Pedestrian Coordinator, at 503-823-6177.