The Relationship Between Transportation & Housing Costs

Posted by Nick in News, Thoughts on August 18th, 2011 – Comments Off on The Relationship Between Transportation & Housing Costs

The connection between housing and transportation costs is an emerging topic in transportation planning and advocacy. The basic idea is expressed in the old Realtor axiom “Drive until you qualify” – As you get farther from the city center, housing prices drop, but you’re trading cheaper housing for increased travel time and commute costs.

I wanted to share a cool mapping website that lets people visually mix and match transit time with housing costs. The example here is London, but I’d love to see a similar map created for Portland, with an option to visualize bike travel time (which probably isn’t that far off from transit travel time).

Travel time and housing price map of London

The bicycle may have disruptive powers in this equation, for while long distance commutes still take time, the health benefits of cycling, the value of a reliable travel time (who get’s stuck in traffic?) and the bare minimum of out of pocket costs make bicycle travel unique over other long-distance travel options.

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